Pukaar Radio

About Pukaar Radio

Pukaar Radio is bringing all communities together in the bucks, UK. Pukaar is a professional radio station managed by professional people who aim to produce quality content. Pukaar Radio is South Asian broadcasting with a various and different than other radio station because we also focus on other communities as most of our line up programmes and content is mix and our target is specific communities from India and Pakistan as well as western. Pukaar Radio brings the best of music from Pakistani,Indian and western mixes in Urdu, Hindi and English as well as the Bollywood music free. Pukaar Radio has gathered local radio listening in Chesham,Bucks and the surrounding areas already. An idea of Pukaar Radio came in 2017 after observing and identifying the need to set up a fresh local community radio station that try to bring all communities together in the UK for the local communities and one that included special programs to fill the needs of the communities. When gap is present in the already running local radio stations across the city and district then this gap is need to be filled by Pukaar Radio. Pukaar Radio is being listened via mobile phone, tablet and car radio sets as internet radio and web radio on desktop,pc and laptop easily by searching Pukaar Radio on google search engine. Pukaar Radio : Apk DIL ki Pukaar. We are a volunteer organisation - Donate to Pukaar Community Radio today!